Choosing A Treadmill That Offers An Intense Workout For Your Home Use


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These days, there are a multitude of treadmills available, so finding a good treadmill that provides an intense workout for home use can be an overwhelming task. This can be particularly confusing if you are a treadmill workout beginner, but there are a few key things that you can consider before you begin your search for a treadmill for an intense workout for home use. With so many exercise treadmills available, finding the best treadmills in India is a frustrating task.

For most exercisers, intense can be quite a subjective word, so do consider what you are looking for in an intense workout before you buy. You should take into account your current weight and fitness level, as you will need to tailor your workout accordingly to ensure that you can formulate a plan that will help you reach your fitness goals in a safe way. Checkout top treadmills here.

You should start off gently, with walking or light jogging, which as a treadmill workout beginner will mean that you should be looking for a treadmill with a motor of about 2.0 HP. Treadmill workout beginners should also consider their long term goals – those who might wish to use their treadmill for a more intense workout for home use should perhaps consider a treadmill with a stronger motor.

Other important considerations are the various features that you will require in your treadmill. Most exercisers will want to know their treadmill workout calories, to help them regulate the healthy eating plan that will accompany their exercise program. It is also useful for treadmill workout beginners to be able to monitor their heart or pulse rate, as it can extremely motivating to watch the numbers change as you become more fit. When selecting your treadmill, look for one that includes an easy to read electronic console so that you can monitor your progress as you exercise.

While things like calories and pulse rate are important to any exerciser, another important consideration must be the price! You will want a quality treadmill regardless of your budget. Smooth treadmills provide a durable and sophisticated package at the higher end of the price range, while Proform treadmills have fantastic deals if you are looking to spend a little less. Both manufacturers, however, are highly rated by reviewers, so whichever one you choose you will be sure that you have purchased a great treadmill for your home use.

The Epic Treadmill T60 – A Great Treadmill Without The Epic Price

Judging by the name alone, you might be inclined to think that the Epic treadmill T60 might just be one of those treadmills that costs a small fortune, but thankfully, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Manufactured by the famous Icon Fitness Company for Costco, the Epic T 60 treadmill is a piece of fitness equipment that offers all the features that you have come to expect from Icon at an affordable Costco price. Receiving great reviews, the Epic treadmill T60 is definitely worth a closer look.

Costco are famous for their great value and its Epic T60 doesn’t disappoint. Icon are one of the most popular treadmill manufacturers and they bring all their talent to bear on this treadmill that they have created exclusively for Costco. Combining the variety of innovative features that you have come to expect as standard with any Icon model, Epic T60 treadmills give you a great workout at only $1000. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly makes the Epic T 60 treadmill such great value for money.

The Epic treadmill is manufactured by the same experienced team that bring you other Icon models, meaning that your Epic will come with the best design available. Though Epic treadmills have only a ninety-day parts and labor warranty, the motor is guaranteed for twelve years, indicating that this is a reliable piece of equipment that will allow you achieve an intense workout. The Epic treadmill T60 has also been especially recommended for heavier users, offering exercisers of up to 350 pounds a great way to work out.

The Epic T60 treadmill also includes an electronic display that measures time, speed, distance and calories burned, and offers the innovative iFit technology that allows you customize your workout to help keep you motivated. And like other Icon treadmills, the Costco Epic T 60 treadmill folds away at the end of your workout, so that you can conveniently put exercising out of your mind and your space until your next session!

Costco have really brought a great treadmill in the Epic T60 that combines all the advantages of an epically priced treadmill without having to pay it!

Treadmill Reading Rack

A treadmill reading rack is an exceptional addition to any treadmill. You can read your favorite book or magazine as you work out or not lose any time from studying to keep up your fitness routine. Reading while walking on a treadmill also helps the time to pass much faster. You will find that when you use the treadmill reading rack, you won’t be looking at the timer or your watch quite so often.

Chances are the treadmill reading rack was invented by an avid reader. This great addition to any treadmill holds the newspaper for you and all you have to do is just lift the book or magazine to see the numbers on the console. You can buy treadmills that already have a treadmill reader rack, but you can also buy them separately. They only cost a little less than $30 and are very easy to install.

The type of treadmill reading rack you have depends on how often you use the machine and where you have it placed. On some treadmills, the reading rack will be too high for you to watch TV at the same time. One size of reader rack usually fits all treadmills, so you don’t need the brand name or the specifications for the treadmill when you go to buy one. Most of the treadmill reader racks are made of see through plastic that is very durable, but you can also get these racks in a magnetic material. It has a flexible goose neck so you can move it as you wish, but you will need a wrench to install it.

The best treadmill reading rack, according to consumer reviews, is the hanging rack. The mounting rack is designed to fit on any piece of exercise equipment – not just on treadmills. With this added, you won’t have any difficulty keeping your mind off how tired or sore your legs feel with an intriguing mystery on the reading rack. Another addition that treadmill users are applauding is the water bottle holder. You can now have a drink when you wish without having to break your stride.

If your treadmill does not have a treadmill reading rack, the chances are pretty good that you can get one where you buy the machine. If not, the staff will certainly be able to point you in the right direction of where to buy a treadmill reader rack. If you love to read, you will really enjoy the convenience of having a treadmill reading rack.


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