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Welcome to the best elliptical trainers guide. We have researched the most popular and highest rated elliptical machines and have featured them on our site so you can view and decide on which elliptical is good for you. To get the most out of our site, please browse our guide, and feel free to add your own feedback if you have experience with the elliptical trainer machines that are listed.

We will keep researching the top ellipticals and update our site frequently so this will remain the #1 source on the Web for the top ellipticals. Our information comes from research and actual reviews that people have left for the elliptical machines. You can find top elliptical trainers in India here.

How to Pick an Elliptical Trainer to Buy

Choosing the right elliptical trainer takes research and figuring out which one is right for your needs. There are many brands and models to consider but the final choice comes down to the features and price.

Important features to consider when shopping around are the programming and workout options available, ability to incline or adjust positions and resistance, and comfort and safety. If you have the ability to go to a local sporting goods store and try out some models this may be beneficial. Even if the ones you try are not the final one you will purchase it can be helpful to see everything that is available on a modern elliptical machine.

Keep in mind that the prices at local fitness and even national discount stores and clubs cannot match what you will find on the Internet. We know of a major online Web site that features most of the elliptical trainers listed on this site at huge discounts compared to retail prices. Free shipping is offered as well which amounts to incredible savings for a big purchase such as this.

We recommend that you browse our site and compare the most popular elliptical trainers that are available today. We have done the research for you and provide thourough and detailed product information to help you decide.

Making the decision to purchase a new elliptical is a great one as you will have a piece of equipment that is both fun and beneficial to your health and well being. We hope that our site has been helpful and we wish you success in shopping for the top elliptical trainer.

Elliptical Trainers Reviews

1.Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Trainer Review

After researching ellipticals and what would be beneficial to improve cardio and lose weight I came across the Sole Fitness E35. This Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Trainer Review will help you decide if it is right for your needs.

Important Features of an Elliptical Trainer

You may be aware of some of these but in my research I learned that there are many important features to consider when looking to buy an elliptical. Here are a few of them below:

  • Stride length
  • The type and level of resistance and incline available
  • Type of display and workout options available
  • Comfort and safety options
  • Warranty details

The list includes things that can help you to make that final purchasing decision compared to other models in your price range. If you find an elliptical trainer that is a perfect match for what you are looking for, you may be willing to exceed your budget, so don’t let price hold you from something that is perfect if you can stretch the budget a little bit. This is a big purchase and something that will last you for a long time so selecting the cheapest model here may not be the right idea.

Having said all of that, let’s take a look at how the Sole Fitness e35 stacks up against the competition and get into more detail about the features and benefits of this elliptical trainer.

Stride Length is Important

Some cheaper ellipticals will have a limited stride length, sometimes as small as 14″. This works if you are short but for average to tall people you will be happy to know that the Sole Fitness e35 trainer has a listed stride length of 20″ to give you a natural motion that is more comfortable.

Resistance and Incline Options

Featuring Eddy Current Braking and 16 resistance levels, you will have an elliptical machine that gives you a nice range of resistance settings for all fitness levels. The combination of a heavy 25 lb. flywheel and a high gear ratio equals a smooth and even feel with a lot of resistance where you need it.

It  does have power incline that is easily adjustable for your workout and can go up to 30 degrees. The moving handlebars also provide a complete upper body workout in addition to the resistance applied for the lower body.

Display and Programming Details

One of the main things about the Sole Fitness e35 is the ability to get a wide range of workouts that are preset as well as see your current workout and progress on the vibrant blue colored LCD screen. You can track calories burned, pulse, time, distance, resistance and more.

There is a neat heart rate zone graph that will help to keep you in your target heart zone depending on your weight loss or fat burning and cardio goals. There are 6 standard programs you can use as well as 2 slots for user defined programs which means you can create your own saved routines.

Comfort and Safety

This unit has several nice comfort features including a whisper quiet drive system that is smooth, variable settings on the pedals that also have a pivot feature that contribute to less ankle and knee stress compared with other models.

A cooling fan is built in with a place to put your workout drink, as well as built in speakers that allow to hook up your MP3 or other mobile device to enjoy your favorite tunes during the workout. As mentioned there is a heart rate monitor as well as the ability to warm up and cool down to properly begin and end your workouts and it can handle users that weigh up to 375 lbs.

Warranty Information

You are covered on the Sole Fitness e35 elliptical for lifetime on the frame and five years on parts and electronics. There is a two year warranty on labor.

How Much is it Going to Cost?

The MSRP price for the E35 elliptical machine from Sole is listed as $2299.99 on the manufacturer Website but there is no way you should pay to even close to that when shopping on the Web. The cheapest price we have seen on this elliptical is at Amazon who has it priced under $1300 at last check.

What Do Others Think About It?

This elliptical trainer has received some really positive reviews from everything we have seen on both Amazon and elsewhere on the Web. It has been rated as a “best buy” by leading consumer websites and magazines so it is no wonder that the reviews are so good. Here are a few examples of what people are saying about the Sole e35 trainer:

  • “Could not be happier…”
  • “Elliptical trainer and a great value…”
  • “Extremely good product…”
  • “Love my e35 sole elliptical…”
  • “A must have…”

You can click here to see more reviews from actual people that have experience with the product. You will see that the overwhelming amount of positive reviews speak to how well this elliptical has been received by consumers.


As with any product there are things that people have complained about or don’t like about this elliptical machine. We couldn’t find a lot of negatives but the most common things people mentioned were that the assembly took longer than they expected and that the speakers could have been stronger.

2.Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Review

During our research we came across the Horizon Fitness EX-59 and it showed to be a worthy elliptical trainer that you should consider checking out. Here is a complete Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Review to help you make a decision on purchasing a new machine.

The Things to Think About When Shopping for an Elliptical Machine

In order to buy the great elliptical trainer you need to consider a few important things. The length of stride rating, program and display features, resistance options, comfort and safety and warranty are all factors that can make or break a good machine. Let’s take a look at how the horizon fitness ex-59 elliptical did in these areas…

How Long is Your Stride?

One of the biggest consideratiions is how big the stride length is. The ex-59 has a 18″ foot path which is acceptable for people of all heights. You want to be wary of some ellipticals that have a small stride as it will cause comfort problems for average people, and especially those that are taller.

Program and Display Features

The EX-59 Elliptical is jam packed with program features that make working out both fun and effective.The display features three orange LED windows that show your time, distance, heart rate and other statistics in a clear manner that is easy to read.

Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Price 

The normal retail price on this machine is around $800 but we have seen it priced much lower at here.  It’s doubtful that would be able to find a lower price locally unless you catch a really good deal.

More Reviews

As our website says, we are only focusing on the best elliptical trainers and this one is no exception. Check out some actual reviews that we found from people that have purchased the EX-59 elliptical trainer:

  • “Just got it and I love it”…
  • “Very nice elliptical in this price range”…
  • “Well worth the money”…
  • “Great machine”…

Drawbacks of this Elliptical?

The major complaint that we saw a few times was that it had squeaking issues and to make sure and buy proper lubricant such as lithium grease. This can be an issue with any elliptical however depending on use and your environment so make sure to take this into consideration before buying.

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